“Four commitments”
for custom-made insoles

01 Perfect for your movement profile


Your "body movement" is the cause of body pain and sports troubles


Gold Gravity insoles improve "movement" from the sole of the foot

02 Choose from over 15.3 billion shape patterns

Videos of your movements that you upload when ordering will be analyzed at our laboratory and the optimal shape for each foot will be selected from among our patterns.


A plethora of shape patterns is available because of the complicated nature of the shape of the foot.

03 Carefully constructed from the world’s highest quality materials

Because the soles of the feet are incredibly sensitive, only high-quality materials that are soft and durable are allowed in our products.
"I want to wear these again tomorrow."

  1. Luxury material Alcantara.

    The fabric used for Lamborghini’s seats

  2. Luxury material Poron.

    Incredible cushioning, extremely durable

  3. Luxury material Sorbothane (viscoelastic).

    Adopted from modern Japanese medical practice.

  4. Luxury material Poron.

    40 distinct parts available, 100,000 combinations possible

  5. In-house developed adhesive and cover.

    Firmly retains cohesion and can be washed with water!

04 Easy to start a custom-made lifestyle

Made-to-order insoles that were previously out of reach of most individuals are now affordable.
A custom-made lifestyle, starting at about 25 cents a day. Like a supplement you take every day, you can steadily improve your overall health.


Gold Gravity’s
"Innovation Trio"

Easy ordering through your smartphone (patent pending)


Analyzing customer movement data (via video data).

We analyze each and every customer’s physical profile remotely in our laboratory in Australia.


We measure the sole size from a simple photo of your foot.

Using our custom statistical models, we have achieved an impressively high degree of precision by calculating various foot sizes from photographic data.


Select the insole shape from your own shoe’s data.

We are particular about precisely fitting our insoles to your shoes, as the designs are difficult to implement correctly! Your investment is safe as it can be universally replaced with another shoe.

Innovative technology that selects the arch shape from movement data (video data)


Using our unique system, we adjust the arch shape by millimeters based on the customer's movement data.

Shape example for customers interested in walking
Shape example for customers suffering from chronic knee pain

Examples of insole shapes: The soles of the feet are divided into 9 areas, and more than 40 types of specific components, with a thickness of 1.5 mm to 3 mm, are assembled to create more than 1.2 million patterns. The patterns are manufactured in certain shapes according to the purpose of use and the characteristics of the movement, such as for golf, walking, and pain relief.

New technology that assists full-body movement from the soles of the feet (patent pending)


Feet determine the movement of the whole body

The position of the weight distribution on the soles of your feet, while walking or playing sports, reflects upon the position of the body’s center of gravity. Using this characteristic, you can improve the movement of the whole body by intentionally manipulating the position and trajectory of the weight distribution on your soles with our products.

The soles of the feet connect to the brain

The muscles in the soles of the feet constantly send information to the brain as they are sensors essential for maintaining balance. Our insoles activate the "muscle sensors" on the soles of your feet, activating your brain and unconsciously improving your balance and performance.

A fusion of Japanese and Australian technology that evolved abroad.

Global Insole Powerhouse
There are doctors who specialize in examining the feet (Podiatrists)

In Australia, where there are doctors who specialize in podiatry, the idea that "physical discomfort = foot discomfort" has taken root as common knowledge. For symptoms such as knee pain, back pain, and sports injuries, “Custom-made insoles” are often prescribed.


Technology that evolved in Australia finally arrives in Japan

Japan's unique technology has evolved further in Australia by fusing with Western technology. The next-generation custom-made insoles that combine Japanese "craftsmanship" and "IT" can finally be delivered to everyone in Japan.


The challenge of maximizing the potential of insoles


Custom-made insoles are a glorious tool for those suffering from debilitating, chronic pain; like a savior for mankind that has the potential to solve all the problems the world has.
The world would surely be a better place if we could easily obtain insoles of the same quality as those provided by Japanese hospitals anywhere in the world.

International performance of

Appointed to the insole section of the ZOZO shoe project
Recognized for the technical development of insoles that combine the merits of Australian and Japanese engineering, he was appointed to the insole department of the ZOZO Shoes Project, which at the time was being promoted by ZOZO Co., Ltd. Developed in Italy by a national team led by former president Mr. Maezawa.
Provided technology for Olympic athletes and professional athletes
Provided technology for Australia's National Golf Academy, Singapore's national golf team, and other Olympic athletes and professional athletes.
Announced the next generation of custom-made insoles
After various international achievements and providing technology to major companies, in 2020, we finally announced the next generation of custom-made insoles that we can proudly offer to everyone in Australia.
Our slogan is, "New challenges for your feet"

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