The world’s first golf insole developed to prevent sway


The world’s first golf insole developed to prevent sway

Experts analyze videos of your golf swing and images of your feet to create a fully custom-made insole, exclusively designed for you from over 40,000 shape patterns.

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Ordering Process

Take a picture to provide all of the information you need to create an insole with your smartphone!

1. Take a video

サムネイル Approximately 1 minute and 15 seconds

Use a 7-iron and shoot a swing video with your smartphone.

See how to record
your swing for analyzation

2. Take a photo

サムネイル Approximately 2 minutes and 17 seconds

Take a picture of your feet and shoes with your smartphone.

See how to take the photos
for analyzation

3. Uploading your purchase data


Purchase the insoles, upload the video and photo data from the URL sent after payment, and you're done.

Then just wait for it to arrive!

Cross Force is yours with GG SPORTS

-You can't talk about the lower body’s impact on golf without talking about Cross Force-

ideal example

It is a critical mistake to say that the ground reaction force should only consider magnitude.
In addition to "magnitude", "direction" is also a very important factor because it coordinates power.

In order to rotate the pelvis most efficiently, at high speed, the direction of the ground reaction force during the downswing, generated by the left and right feet, should both be inward and "crossed" in front of the body; Cross Force.

This diagram illustrates from an overhead view how the ground reaction forces generated by the feet rotate the pelvis.

The right foot kicks in toward the 10 o'clock position, and the left foot kicks backward toward the 4 o'clock position. The ground reaction forces generated by the left and right feet allow the pelvis to rotate on its axis at high speed, resulting in a swing that does not alter your facing position and does not cause sway.

Just "activate" the GG SPORTS and
cross-force is automatically created!

This is where it impacts you

GG SPORTS works its magic on your swing by adjusting the entire body's movement from the feet up.

In the Backswing wind-up

On the Backswing to Downswing


On the Downswing’s impact

In the Follow-Through

Recommended for the following individuals

✔︎ Pronounced sway due to shaky center of gravity
✔︎ Difficulty coordinating standing and swing motion
✔︎ When swinging distance and direction are lacking

During the swing, foot movement is the same as if you were jumping from an office chair to a specified target, which reduces both distance and repeatability.

The right foot moves during the backswing, or the left foot flips up after impact. It is this very foot movement that causes sway and is the breeding ground for missed shots.

99% of those who have the above problems have swings in which their feet move. The "sticky foot" is an indispensable condition for controlling sway.
***verify sticky foot


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GG SPORTS Features


Ground reaction force can be your ally

The ground’s reaction force is the force that returns to your movement when force is firmly applied to the ground.
During a swing, a ground reaction force of 1.5 to 2 times your body weight is generated by pushing against the ground.

If the ground reaction force can be increased and efficiently converted into rotational force, such as with the use of spiral turn insoles, your swing can be reproduced better, farther, and more stable with less stress on the body.


Low profile design to prevent tightness

Many people are concerned that their shoes will be too tight when insoles are inserted but don't worry.
Compared to the removable insoles that come standard with most shoes, our insoles are thinner and provide less tightness than the insoles of other companies. The reason why is that the arch shape is built on top of the shoe’s base sole, which has excellent shock absorption. (If the retail-provided insoles cannot be removed from your shoe, the fit may become tight.)


The world's first Bio-Earth processing technology

Bio-Earth Technology, a newly patented technology, has been proven to improve muscle weakness, flexibility, back pain, and autonomic nervous system disorders by regulating your bio-current, a weak electrical current in the human body.

Spiral Turn is the world's first golf-specific insole with Bio-Earth processing.


Use of the world's finest materials

Because the insole supports the sole of the foot, articles used for the interiors of luxury cars such as Lamborghini, are lavishly used as surface materials.
In addition, they are made using only the world's most superior materials, including “artificial muscles”.

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Customer Testimonials

I had pain in my left knee and there were days when it hurt too much to play golf, and even after going to the hospital, the pain didn’t heal.
At first, I felt uncomfortable with my new insoles, but now I feel uncomfortable when going without them!
I use two types of insoles, one for golf and one for training, and I feel that my movement has improved significantly compared to before!

These helped set my body in a better position to deliver power to the ball more consistently and efficiently. It allows my hips to turn freely through impact. I would definitely recommend they try this insole. I feel like the insole is more functional and it will definitely benefit their game. It sure has helped me get two wins this year! Thank you Takuya-San!

These insoles are fantastic and I feel as though my balance in my golf swing has improved from using them. Thank you to Takuya for fitting me for these great insoles.

This insole is very unique and effective. I have never seen such technique. I really like this. Thank you Takuya.

Reduce your Sway with your own custom-made insole!

GG SPORTS is available to order online.
Just send us a video of your swing and a photo of your feet and you will get your very own, fully customized insole.

For Gold Coast, Australia residents

If you would like to have insoles made at a local store, please inform us using the inquiry form.

$388 (GST Included)