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Your body moves forward, which pushes your feet forward.

Our specialists analyze your feet and create fully custom insoles for from over 40,000 different shape patterns.

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Are you really walking well?

To live to 100 and keep walking healthy forever.


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1. Take a video

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Take a video of walking and standing on one leg with a smartphone.

See how to film walking

See how to film
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2. Take a photo


Take a picture of your feet and shoes with your smartphone

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3. Purchase/Uploading data


Purchase the insoles, upload the video and photos from the URL sent after payment, and you're done.

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Which type are you?

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Don't miss "Wandering Walk"


An abnormal gait that swings from side to side around the waist

画像 Figure 1
画像 Figure 2
  • The shape of the shoe collapses outward (Figure 1)
  • Feels like walking on the outside of the foot.
  • Feel like the waist is swaying while walking.
  • There is a callus on the ball of the sole of the foot (Figure 2)
  • The outside of the shins and the outside of the thighs are tense and sore.
  • Frequent sprains.
  • Bunions

In the case of swaying while walking

Forward force is required to move forward. However, as a result of trying to walk more comfortably and to preserve energy, a large amount of force escapes in the lateral direction instead.
What happens to this lateral escape force? Yes, it becomes a "destructive force" instead of momentum.
It is necessary to correct swaying while walking to prevent pain and fatigue.

Don't ignore "passive walking"


Walking without the use of your toes

画像 Figure 3
  • The shoe collapses inward (Figure 3)
  • Toes do not touch the ground when standing.
  • The soles of the feet are always tired.
  • Callus inside the thumb.
  • A habit of swinging the shoulders from side to side while walking.
  • Bunions
  • Flat feet

Passive walking

When passive walking (toes are not used), the contraction and expansion of the muscles in the soles of the feet do not perform correctly. Due to this, chemicals your body creates that cause fatigue accumulates, and the soles of the feet become abnormally fatigued after a day of walking.
Also, if the muscles in the soles of your feet are not active, you will end up waddling like a penguin, unable to firmly push off from the floor.
In order to compensate for this, movement in the waist and other areas that are originally inert forcefully occurs, creating various negative symptoms.
It is not hyperbole to say you are incapable of using your toes to walk correctly and it is a condition that you do not want to ignore.

Check for these symptoms

Ignoring wandering walking and passive walking can lead to the following symptoms.

Shaky knees and knee pain
Shaky knees and knee pain
Whole body instability, back and shoulder pain, and stiff shoulders
Whole body instability, back and shoulder pain, and stiff shoulders
stiff shoulder movement because the scapula cannot move well
stiff shoulder movement because the scapula cannot move well
Puffy stomach due to decreased trunk muscle activity
Puffy stomach due to decreased trunk muscle activity
Constipation due to decreased trunk muscle activity
Constipation due to decreased trunk muscle activity
Obesity due to decreased muscle activity throughout the body
Obesity due to decreased muscle activity throughout the body

Thin profile that does not feel tight

There might be many who worry that shoe fit will feel tight if you put insoles but the concern is unnecessary. Compared to the removable insole that comes with the shoe, our insole has a thinner design. The arch shape is built on top of the base sole, which has outstanding shock absorption, so we have realized an insole that is less tight than other companies' products.
(It may be tight if the stock insole cannot be removed from the shoe.)


GG insoles for the original body

Insoles that activate correct muscle activity

Have you ever wondered where your weight is distributed in the soles of your feet when you are walking?

Exactly, the distribution of weight carried by your sole is critical for the body.
By manipulating your weight distribution through ideal foot positioning, your body will "reactively" trigger muscle activity.

In the body, the muscles are active as a result of the situation in which they are positioned.

Using this principle, our insoles create various benefits by creating the correct muscle activity (load distribution) that the body requires.
In addition, correct distribution affects the muscles of the sole of the foot, making it easier to use the toes on the sole of the foot, which improves your health.

Knowing the center of foot pressure

Customer Testimonials

Surprisingly, the pain in my feet was relieved by the insoles they made and I am truly grateful.
Even at home, I feel like I want to wear them all the time. Until now, I had never been concerned about the soles of my feet, but I was able to learn about the relationship between the soles of my feet and the whole body and the importance of insoles.
I think it is one of the most valuable Japanese technologies introduced to Australia.
I recommend these insoles for those who are suffering from various body issues.

About two years after receiving my first pair, the second pair was made. Compared to two years ago, I can clearly see that my fingers are straighter and less distorted.
In addition to that, the bunion I have (which was a problem) has visibly improved. Over the past two years, I’ve been impressed by the effectiveness of insoles and the fact that just changing your feet can change your body so much.

Since I changed to standing work I began suffering from leg pain, so I had insoles made.
When I woke up in the morning, my feet hurt so much that I couldn’t touch the floor, and after work, I had so much pain in my knees and lower back that I couldn’t walk. I’m surprised that the pain has disappeared so completely as if it never existed.

I hurt my foot in a bicycle accident, and could not waik properly. Takuya’s special Body Conditioning fixed my foot over several weeks. Also, he helped me buy sneakers, and made magic Insoles for me. They were very effective and comforable.
I could walk on my holiday. I was very happy.

Insoles that make you look forward to walking.

Walking insoles that make your body move forward and your feet pop forward.

"I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow."
When walking becomes fun, life changes.
Our insoles will help you with that.

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