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Japanese Style Custom-Made Insole

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Fully customized insoles,
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This product requires the collection of data regarding your physical condition to create the product.
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About Us

What is Gold Gravity?

Based in Gold Coast, Australia, our company develops fully customized insoles, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, that "determines your arch shape from the movement of the body".

Our insole utilizes innovative concepts to optimize "body movement", which is the cause of various ailments that occur within your body.

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The latest technology is now available using only your smartphone

We scientifically analyze the "body movements" of each customer and select their optimal shape from over 40,000 shape patterns.

We created a simple system that processes your body movement utilizing modern mobile technology. The customer takes a video of themselves using our platform and their device, allowing their physiology to be analyzed and processed for custom fitting without the need for a physical review in person.

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The importance of insoles

The central point of compound pressure on the sole is called the "Center of Pressure" (COP). This central point shifts along the sole in a specific trajectory during movement, reflecting the adjustment of the body's center of gravity during body movement.

More than 90% of people have unique sole conditions, however, causing normal movement based on their center of pressure to deviate. In other words, a person's gait, which is based on the trajectory of the foot's center of pressure, determines the movement of their whole body.

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World-class quality materials

The sole is the only part of the body that supports a person's entire body weight; it is a critical component in determining the coordination of movement.

In addition, it is also one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

By selecting only the world's highest quality materials as our standard, we have achieved a previously unattainable balance of "stability," "functionality," and "comfort."

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